08 February 2007

Circuses at The Voltage Gate

Jeremy Bruno is a great circus impresario. He's juggling 3 of them at his Voltage Gate.

Go to the 17th Circus of the Spineless!
The theme this time is The Symbology of Invertebrates. Jeremy writes:

Demonized or analyzed, animals - invertebrates in particular, for our part - have always been symbols of psychological and philosophical meaning for us. For this edition, we'll discuss some of the more obscure mythology related to the submissions I've received, and relate a fraction of the stories told before the dawn of science. What stories do we tell today?

See what a Tangled Bank he weaves:

The 18th century was a time of new ideas and imprisonment for them, sound ideologies hijacked by tyrannous dictators and perhaps most importantly, the temporal cradle of modern scientific techniques, dubbed the Age of Enlightenment.

Swing in The Festival of Trees.

Bravo, Jeremy! Loved the shows even if no cephalopod performed in golden hotpants.

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