25 December 2011

If you could only hear me sing …

You'd know my true name has a dulcet ring.
Season's greetings to you humans, anyway.

& on behalf of all us magnificent (if I do say so myself) insignificants,
happy treasure-hunting/finding. Keep your head down and your house uncleaned and your greens unkempt.
This space will remain the same for some time, with me in pride of place
(until the dictator czarina patron of this place announces the appearance of a certain Crandolin, hopefully, tra la la, never).
Prunella Vulgaris

Psst, don't tell PV, but we hope Crandolin, whoever that is, will bump PV off this spot soon, for we fear that PV, now size nothing-to-speak-of, will swell, with attention, to Ego. And we don't know if you've heard Prunella sing, but …
MI's - PV

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