19 July 2010

Sea urchin teeth, and taste

Dentist tomorrow, so this is a good time to post this closeup view of a sea urchin's teeth. No need to go anywhere for scaling, let alone perio- or orthodontal work for these lucky beasts. Not only do their mouths stay healthy, but their teeth are self-sharpening. But wouldn't you know it? Type in "sea urchin" teeth to Google Image and you get not only many better pictures, of course, but Ads by Google, the top one being
Extreme Makeover … Looking 4the perfect smile? Leading … cosmetic dentist …
What's the antonym for liverlips?
The wonders of cosmetic surgery! This minds me of the time when mouths were meant to be so small, it's a wonder words could out. But that was fashion, not to be mixed with taste.

"I never had a fancy for your nimini-pimini young ladies, with their mouths squeezed into the shape the dimensions of a needle's eye. I always suspect such damsels as having a very portentous design against mankind in general."
—"Bob Burke" in "Bob Burke's Duel With Ensign Brady of the 48th" by William Maginn (1793–1842)

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