14 July 2010

An ass's coat

There is no coat finer than that of an ass — and how I wish we would all return to that venerable word for this intelligent, dignified animal who has a wicked sense of humour, lightning kick, and the most gentle, soft lips and caressing neck. Yes, an ass can hug you with her neck.

Rain brings out the best features of the coat, though any ass will say that dust does—their ears droop in the rain.

Waves appear, in such frothed order that they are positively painterly. The smell of a healthy ass is always more delicate than silvertip tea – better than any bought perfume. If it were bottled, it would be classified as 'oriental'.

I love asses — and this coat belongs to a female of great depth of feeling, and voice. Her needs, lusts, and wisdom were the inspiration for my story "Travels with Robert Louis Stevenson in the Cévennes" that you can read here on Infinity Plus.

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