19 February 2008

Is that an exoskeleton between your teeth?

Hearty congrats to Spencer Pate for winning an hon mensh in the VanderMeer New Weird Contest where the wonderfully weirdphilic winners are 'semi-anonymous' but their entries are boldly exposed.

And Spencer's entrée?

Read his Night of the Living Crickets with a glass of milk before bed.


Anonymous said...

Yea for Spencer!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I just recalled Kirsten Bishop's mention of an insect incident along the lines of Spencer's crickets, which also, remarkably, ties in with some "New Weird" action:


Maybe we could have a Night of the Living Crickets sequel:

"Crickets versus Ants: the Final Temperature"?


anna tambour said...

I'm all for that, if SP and KB are. Too bad they don't live close enough to make a video of their fight to lick the spoon. And I can add something to that observation by Kristen. Cockroaches swagger out of microwaves as if they've just had a fine night in a speakeasy. Not, I must stress, that I've seen them do it at MY house!