13 April 2006

Have you ever wanted to say to a book (or an interviewee), "Aw, go put a sock in it!" ?

Fess up. What makes you want to do violence to a book?

What makes you want to push an interviewee right-big-toe first into a dull-bladed, hand-cranked mincing machine, and makes your hands itch to turn the crank?

What makes you feel these thoughts — and why, why, why?

And are you influenced by nationality when seeking something for reading pleasure?

Do you wish writers would just shut up about their books — that writers were an improvement on good children: never seen, never heard? Would your ideal writer be someone who gets a nice dry crust in return for a manuscript pushed through a hole in a locked door?

I pose these questions to you, and more, from the questions and my replies in the Chronicles Network interview organised by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy.

What do you think? And why, why, why?

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous interview, Anna!! :-)