20 April 2006


"Martin Ravallion, a poverty expert at the World Bank, estimates that if present trends persist the number living on less than $1 a day will have dropped to a little over 620m by 2015, or about 9% of world population." - Bill Emmott, The Economist, April 1st 2006

This was news to me. Now this is the way to go, getting poverty experts in to work as analysts and futures gurus. As Orwell said in his closing remarks in Down and Out in Paris and London, "I can point to one or two things that I have definitely learned by being hard up."

This new policy should also be very cost-effective. The World Bank wouldn't even have to pay the ad fees that The Economist charges.

. . . hellish working conditions. Promised pay or handouts. You'll be looked up to as an expert . . .
the famine hand-out queue
nobody asks
"traces of peanuts?"

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