09 December 2010

infinity plus lives again!

The infinity plus ebook imprint has just launched, with six new titles:
  • The Angels of Life and Death by Eric Brown, a new collection of short fiction
  • The collected short fiction of Keith Brooke, in five volumes (Liberty Spin, Embrace, Faking It, Segue and Memesis), with two original stories and specially written afterwords for each story
  • Covers for the first six books - by Dominic Harman and Debbie Nicholson
Each book is available in the Kindle ebook format, priced $3.44 / £2.18
(Kindle ebooks can also be read on PCs, Macs, smart phones and other devices)

Many. Look for more titles, formats, and authors to come . . .

But what is infinity plus ?
  • a science fiction, fantasy and horror showcase that ran from 1997 to 2007 and remains online as an archive
  • The site holds more than 2.1 million words of fiction, 1000 book reviews and 100 interviews.
  • There have been three infinity plus print anthologies.
  • Authors featured on the site include Stephen Baxter, Mary Gentle, Peter F Hamilton, Gwyneth Jones, Vonda N McIntyre, Michael Moorcock, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lucius Shepard, Michael Swanwick, Jack Vance, Connie Willis and Gene Wolfe (me too).


JP said...

Excellent news. Infinity plus reminds me of a time when, along with The Infinite Matrix, The Alien Online and a whole series of ambitious but doomed experiments by G. Chouinard, it seemed as if the spec-fic web was truly smart and stimulating and not the simpering crowd of commoners marveling at the nudity of successive emperors that it seems to have largely settled into.

Or is that just curmudgeonry at the speed of the internet?

anna tambour said...

Only good curmudge. I miss those projects that because they don't live now, are "experiments", especially Chouinard's. And ooh, I love your disrespect.

You might love this list, therefore, of current discussions that just popped up when I was looking up some book, not one about writing or genre or theory--on Amazon.

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I think Amazonlogic is: if someone is considering a book that is fiction, it must be "a work" and therefore, the considerer is a "writer" or someone who wants to be a writer, or to be seen as a writer. For who else would be interested in fiction? The amazing thing to me is the fascination these discussions hold and the numbers of people who participate. Many more than are passionate about watch fob differences, or democracy in the "developed" world.