02 December 2010

The icky-icky, squishy-slimey, flying kung-fu circus

At no other circus will the ringleader announce: "A snail would be stiff competition."

Wanderin' Weeta runs a dangerous blog that could be called "Charybdis". See, for instance, Yes, I talk to birds.

So it's only to be expected that, as host this month of my favourite circus, she has collected sundry incredible acts of weirdness, beauty and fun, including a hopping entomologist.

And the supporting acts she's dragged in could bring yet more tears to your eyes.
A poet who misses the finest things in life!
Deprived royalty!
And Art? KO'd by the squishy-slimies.

Go to the Circus! And be, as she says:

Happier than Kings, at the Circus of the Spineless #57


Susannah Anderson said...

Thanks for the links! And the great introduction! I don't think I've been called "dangerous" before. :)

anna tambour said...

Keep up your marvelous posting. I love your cloud naming skill. Has it caused you any boil and trouble?