29 December 2010

Budak does it again

What's lyrical, funny, wise, witty, gorgeous, so passionate that it is deadpan, fearlessly punning, poetic even when it's prose (and I mean understandably poetic, not modernly poetic) and still my favourite place on the web? Yet again, it's The annotated budak.

I would love to see the deliciously playful, ever surprising fascinatingly illustrated Annotated Budak as at least one book. If my wish came true, millions of people would curl up with budak.

The topics are wide-ranging, and the words you meet are something else – as you could expect from a person who is often muddy.

Try some grot.

Begin with Feeding Frenzy if you haven't tasted anything there..

Here are some random quotes:

"… he seems to have since imbibed a secret diet of wildlife documentaries …"

"...it would appear the male was seeking to maximise his impact with minimal effort by showing the ardour of only his better side."
- Eve of magnificance

"Not one to decline offers of free food and beverages, my duck thought it a shame to pass up a lunchtime treat of stir-fried mopane worms with snow peas."
It might have been better buttered

"Isn't it time to put to bed the irate vanity that every sperm is sacred and every spill is waste?"
Cut and paste


Anonymous said...

yes, you're right; it's superb - great resource for alienish descriptors - thanks, and happy new year.

Adam B

anna tambour said...

A happy 2011 to you. And I must tell you: the story by you and John, " 'The Laughing Girl of Bora Fanong' a Tale of Colonial Venus" was one of the pleasures of the past year.