08 October 2010

Pimpernel & Pigface

Blue pimpernel weed in grass, council park
First noted in Australia in 1804,
Anagallis arvensis is a "naturalised alien".

Pigface on beach dune, late afternoon
Carpobrotus glaucescens is a native.
Most of its close relatives live in South Africa, where it is called sour fig.


Adam Browne said...

when thinking up a name for my daughter, I once said I like flower names - someone suggested 'Pigface'

anna tambour said...

A helpful suggestion! People whose surname is Piggott often grow up bearing the name of Piggy. I can think of one Ida Piggott who broke out of Piggy to become Peggy for the rest of her life.

I like your idea though! There are so many flower names, and vegetables too. I'm very partial to Aubergine. Did you get your wish?