16 October 2010

A little test of English

Choose the correct usage.
  1. He got off the chair.
  2. He got off of the chair.
  1. Police took the injured to the hospital.
  2. Police took the injured to hospital.
  1. between you and I*
  2. between you and me
  1. He wrote me.
  2. He wrote to me.
Choose the words that are English.
  1. cohort-component projections
  2. prepone
  3. derestricted
  4. enstool
Choose the correct punctuation.
  1. organs, organizations and bodies
  2. organs, organizations, and bodies
  1. French’s Forest
  2. Frenchs Forest
  1. Dr Almaz
  2. Dr. Almaz
  1. James' house
  2. James's house
  1. We all screamed when he said “ice cream”.
  2. We all screamed when he said “ice cream.”
  1. Tomorrow the team play Georgia.
  2. Tomorrow the team plays Georgia.
  1. plain clothes police
  2. plainclothed police
  3. plain-clothed police

If you chose everything, you are correct somewhere, as well as incorrect.

The United Nations English Language Programme is located at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

The United Nations Spelling Guide still flies with aeroplane because “The Concise Oxford English Dictionary (2004) is the current authority for spelling in the United Nations.”

"In India, those who consider their English to be good are outraged at being told that their English is Indian. Indians want to speak and use English like the British, or more lately, like the Americans. This desire probably also springs from the fact that it is a second language for most Indians and to be able to speak a non-native language like native speakers is a matter of pride—more so in the case of English, given its higher status and the several material advantages it carries."
— Pingali Sailaja, Indian English, Edinburgh University Press, 2009
I got this book 'cause I was looking for ideas on how to teach my children(5&7), w/out the pressure of "school setting" but w/fun. I also learned that my attitude and mind set had to change from the "school setting". The suggestions in the book R practical and I can be involved in their play or not, they still R learning.
The only disappointment is that it talks about evolution & femminism. I don't support eather one of them.
My goal on reading this book was to have a diffrent "school setting" other than the schools. An enviroment that allows them to learn at their leasure. That goal was accomplished. Both the kids don't feel intimideted by a chair and a table 'cause that ment "stop being yourself and start to preform or else".
Now they R looking foreward to learn whether sitting down or playing around.
review on Amazon for Motivated Minds: Raising Children to Love Learning

* "Imagine, then, my astonishment at reading Pam Peters [sic] style guidance that by the 1970s ‘between you and I’ had become ‘standard and even formal English’. I fear that this lapse will not endear the Guide to my judicial brother."
Review of the Cambridge Australian English Style Guide

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