16 August 2007

Keith Brooke makes a heavy play worth falling for

Keith Brooke, that "fool" I interviewed last year when he tilted at the windmills of apathy, is at it again.

This time he is not only a fool, but a dictator. He still thinks that people can make a difference, but he never asked his muscles when he committed them to the Great North Run for the Big Issue Foundation.

He writes:
As some of you know, I've had a pretty rough summer, and the things that have pulled me through are running, writing and my friends - taking up this challenge makes a big difference to me, and your support means a lot to me, as well as to all the people Big Issue help. And if you think I'm making a heavy play for the sympathy vote, too bloomin' right I am!

It's a great cause, and one that fits themes he writes about so well.

By the way, another of Keith's altruistic projects is the huge and excellent infinity plus website that he and Nick Gevers have run for over ten years.

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