21 October 2006

The beauty of natural invention

A competition to celebrate: (with a gallery and place for comments).

"New Scientist has teamed up with Canon to search for the photo that best reveals the beauty of natural or human invention."

In the spirit of contemplation rather than competition, here are some inventions that have awed me, and could have inspired many of more brainpower.

The Arch


The Space Capsule


Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Very nice photos, Anna. I think "The Arch" is my favorite; what exactly is that?

anna tambour said...

It's part of the root structure of what I think is a type of native grass. I'll be going back soon to where I know some grows, and I hope to learn more then. This was washed up in this state (I have done nothing to it) on a beach not far from where I found a fossil lily (?) bulb on the top of a dune.