07 December 2012

Octopus and gargoyle -- Jeff Sypeck's book of poetry treasures

I most definitely recommend (roll of sticks on strung skins ... blare of a serpen) — for everyone who loves both gargoyles and poetry with rhyme, song, wit, pun, and endless imagination, Jeff Sypeck's Looking Up: Poems from the National Cathedral Gargoyles.

No rational explanation
"I’d no idea" he wrote, "there was an audience for such unfashionable folly: three years of light, occasionally obscure, medieval-influenced neoformalist verse...Some books you plan to write; others simply happen."

This book was, quite simply, demanded!

The poems and his excellent photos of the many gargoyles go page in page.

Whet your appetite with "An octopus reappraises her lobster" and seeing the two hanging out together.

 Get the book. It's a collector's item that you will break the back of, you'll enjoy it so much.

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Jeff said...

This is incredibly kind, Anna. Thank you!