11 November 2012

Ode to Literaturnaya

The inside of a book is as important as the outside. That statement might sound odd, but it's so often ignored now when practically anyone can convert a file.

The internal layout can add to the pleasure of reading, distract, or be a pain. Along with the size of type and arrangement of text, the typefaces used can add to the enjoyment, merely aiding the reading experience, or they can do more. When I designed Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales & and Spotted Lily, I chose Sabon for all the internal text in both books. This typeface is an excellent choice for a collection and would do any novel justice because it is so easy to read and has a self-effacing personality.

But typefaces can also enhance a book by supporting what the book is about. And with that excuse, ignoring the fact that I'm mad about letters, Crandolin is set in Literaturnaya.

I have many books set in Literaturnaya, most with stories approved by a system that didn't allow freedom and hated originality. Fancy that! 
If it's really true that this face which is full of grace and should be recognised as one of the best ever designed, has been replaced by Times Roman, it's a bloody Baskin Robbins, it is.

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