12 February 2012

Medlars shower hails upon Jeff Sypeck

If medlars and gargoyles had bestowing rights (not to mention all of us including the ghosts of Chaucer, Seuss, and Carroll; all who value the fun, the pun, the music, the raucously empathetic life condensed to verse that runs over your tongue like a brook over stones—instead of Iowanic tripe or poetry is anytng you rit n cl potry)—Jeff Sypeck would be given the post of poet laureate instead of those who do.

Medlars everywhere are celebrating this jongleur's latest "Medlar song"—though some look a bit astringent at having to share the bill with another photogenic gargoyle, even though Jeff posted an excellent before/bletted portrait of a few of these stars.


Jeff said...

This is, of course, far too kind. But I thank you for it, and I'm just glad you enjoy my versified nonsense!

anna tambour said...

Versified nonsense forever!
Besides, this is intelligent nonsense, which is rare and should be treated as something valuable, unlike the all-too-common and astronomically costly nonsensical intelligence.