14 February 2012

A def of classical music?

"You can tell this man rarely listens to anything released later than 1987."

I didn't know that Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy is a musician in addition to being a writer of both commentary and crackling fiction (read his most recently published story, Run For Your Life, in Pratilipi, a bilingual literary journal.)

But in

Djinn & Miskatonic: the first three months

he talks gigs, sets, and is modestly pleased that "There were even a couple of people headbanging to our lugubrious tunes."


JP said...

Thanks for the link! Actually, this is my most recently published story, although not the most recently written: http://pratilipi.in/2011/11/empty-dreams-jayaprakash-satyamurthy/

anna tambour said...

Thank you! Such a powerful story. I hope you send it to the powers who put Bests together.