14 January 2011

Recommended boggling

The latest Circus of the Spineless #58, hosted by Mike Lisieski, cephalover of impeccable taste, who naturally starts with mollusks, "because they are my favorites!" and soon finds a way to show a "baby photo of Cluthu", which naturally leads to my recommendation here to read the newest "Winter 2001" issue of the Subterranean Online. Something cephalic stirs on the cover. Continue in till you find an unforgettable story that will change the Lovecraft mythos, and is a powerful story even if you can quote Wodehouse but think that Lovecraft is a greeting card maker:

"The Boy Who Followed Lovecraft" by Marc Laidlaw. Highly recommended.


JP said...

The Laidlaw story upset me quite a bit. Any encounter I may have had with HPL would probably have unfolded in a similar manner.

anna tambour said...

Have to make sure Laidlaw sees your comment!