22 January 2011

Now with extra &s: Kindle editions of two Tambour titles

From infinity plus, both of these are Kindle editions that are sort of deluxish, in that each contains never-seen-before additions to the still-available dead-tree editions. All the infinity plus Kindle editions are so cheap and easy to buy that they are seductive, especially since buying them delivers instant gratification, as soon as that annoying Kindle graphic with the boy reading what has to be a printed book (look at the angle) scarpers and your ordered book opens at the tap of your finger. And you don't have to buy a Kindle. I read mine on my computer.

Keith Brooke at infinity plus has taken great care with these Kindle editions as well as all the books in this new infinity plus range, making reading on a screen as pleasurable as reading on a screen can be. They have style, too. I don't know how he does it, because when I tried, all I got was the disgraceful default of Kindle "publishing" that I want to yell at, but am too ignorant to command into shape.

These are new covers, too, and are entirely self-indulgent. I just love any chance to design books and book covers. In designing Monterra's &&&, I also ticked off another "to-do" on my list that only grows. Nowadays there is huge interest in the personal details of anyone who is anyone, even if they're not. So bowing to pressure, I have not only given in, but made a narcissimostity of the cover itself. My eyelids might have flickered when the shot was taken, but I am willing to bet you'll never find another author picture that is so intimate. The portraitist told me at the time, "You have a beautiful brain," but I'm realistic enough to think that was a well-worn line to suit vanity.

Now to the guts of the books. You might think that only Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales & has a

And yes, Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales &'s Big Fat Bonus & is packed with more stories, poems, and excesses, and even some ripped-out pieces from the Onuspedia (An expert is someone who always makes sure of the spelling.)

even Spotted Lily has a new section added that demanded this entitlement:
Hereafters: Not to be even peeked at until after reading Spotted Lily

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