09 January 2010

Recommended reading about the War Without Why

"The squabble over a few acres of dust and rocks they call palestine is not very important to most Americans."
- comment by "Semper Fi" to George S. Hishmeh's op-ed first published by the Jordan Times:
Way out for Obama

"Yeah and stupid Australia jumps in every time the US says jump."
- comment by "Marilyn" to the Veterans Today Special Report:
War Without Why

Looking back to some cautions and advice
"A nation is only as strong as the ability to influence its friends. If America cannot halt the criminal activities of the nation that owes it the greatest debt, that uses American munitions—then America can hardly balance the power of the nation that is America’s greatest creditor."

So why isn't this mainstream debate in Israel mainstream in the USA and the other nations that jump? Until it is, foreign policy aids war, not peace.

"America, stop sucking up to Israel"
- Gideon Levy, Haaretz

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