04 November 2006

November VIRTUOUS MEDLAR CIRCLE features Steve Aylett

I don't usually use the 'm' word. But aylett's deceptive 'm' (and possibly 'm's) made me do it.

In The Virtuous Medlar Circle you'll also find the latest delicious column by A.C.E. Bauer (which changed my cooking plans) . . . and then, going down:
More Irresistibles (links) including:

  • The Coup de Grâce, Alistair Rennie's latest short story
  • a wonderfully tacky mnemonic from Matt Kuchta of Research at a Snail's Pace
  • an instruction to find a wrongly out-of-print, totally irresistible guide to joyful poetry of a type (which includes the Reverend Edwin Emmanuel Bradford, who put women in their place and celebrated the beauty of handsome boys)

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