20 September 2006

A fair-dinkum-Aussie test question

Question for the English test:

Where does the apostrophe go in

Princes Highway


Jason Erik Lundberg said...

I guess it depends on how many princes you're talking about.

Prince (singular) = Prince's
Princes (plural) = Princes'

anna tambour said...

Good try, Erik, but guess again.
See the listing in Wikipedia.
And while you're about it you can see:

Gowings - See Wikipedia entry
Frenchs Forest - See Wikipedia or:
Sydney Teachers College

Anonymous said...

So where did all those apostrophes go, the poor things?

anna tambour said...

I don't know. They might have slunk off to "Banana's on Sale" signs (see Sharon Colon's collection at http://www.sharoncolon.com/ )
The apostrophe is as unwelcome in the examples I gave (and more that I haven't) as a dog in a butcher shop, despite the confusion that results. I don't know why.

Anonymous said...

An entire site dedicated to apostrophe mistakes--now how am I going to get any work done?

Off to waste more time...