04 May 2006

Generosity abounds when adjective nixed

Mexico Interested in Buying Bolivia Gas announces the Associated Press today, in the Houston Chronicle and Business Week.

Bolivia already has gas, but it would love some water, and how Mexico obtains it wouldn't matter to Bolivia. Mexico could steal it from the USA, contract to a company of naked mole rats who'd tunnel from Wales to Bolivia for the cost of roots, or Mexico could go conventional and just buy the stuff from Mars. Whatever, it certainly would make a story if they bought or gave Bolivia something Bolivians needed. But even if the story did say Water, countries are forever expressing interest in doing good. It's only a story when it happens.

More headlines from today's nooz:

Chavez offers Bolivia gas, cash - Al Jazeera

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Bolivia gas nationalization weighs on energy firms - Reuters

Brazil calls Bolivian gas nationalization 'unfriendly' act - Pravda

Under US Pressure, Mexico President Seeks Review of Drug Law - New York Times

Russia Officials Investigate Plane Crash - ABC News

Chinese, Russian officials discuss sister city cooperation
- China Daily

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