05 March 2006

Marmots and Oysters

And the Oysters sat on their haunches
while the Marmots slid so sleek

So the Oysters asked the Marmots
Could we be as sleek in a Week?

Oh my dears!
rang the cockle-shelled beaches
at the Marmots' blithe reply,
astringently pricking the
tear-ducts of Oysters
who generally

(Though Marmots can whistle and scamper,
Oysters only sit and sigh.)

For it's Oysters fat we covet
while Marmots sleek, cavort
and lemon and vinegar are the fate
of the world's Oyster cohort.

However, now
those times might change
as Humans covet sleekness.
The lean, delicious Marmots
have a just-so-natural meatness,
and would be advised to, oh my dear!

develop fat and meekness.

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