16 May 2014

Crandolin now out in hardback - a good excuse to visit SekretCity, too

Now with flaps
Crandolin now lives in the manner to which it always wished to be accustomed. Hardback, with slipcover.

The Book Depository has free delivery worldwide.

I designed the flaps, which always were intrinsic to the whole. Linda Carr, my longtime favourite typesetter, she who has made my designs for each of my single-author books a reality, again worked as only a fully functioning human magic wand can.

That gorgeous cover art is, as with the paperback, by someone whose works are so stunning, they should be astronomically out of reach. He used to call himself Christopher Conn Askew but has now become something beyond.

"When i first began painting seriously in 2006, I started by signing with my true given name, Christopher Conn Askew, but soon switched to signing all of my works as SekretCity International, a name that refers to the secret little city that i keep inside, my own inner world of dreams and nightmares, of desires and fears, and most of all, of questions and mysteries. At that point i decided to try and bring just a little bit of this world out of me, and manifest it in my paintings and any other medium i could get my sweaty little hands on. Every stroke of a new painting helps make this world more real within me, makes the characters come alive inside me. Art, in all of its many forms, appears to me to be the closest we can come to making magic in this 'real' world." 
Go to SekretCity, window-shop and buy (if you're fast enough) limited-edition paintings, jewellery, & other manifestations of delight

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