17 October 2013

Artichoke posed


Alice said...

Mmm. I love artichokes.

anna tambour said...

What do you do with them? Your mouthwatering column, Chaloupes makes me think you match them with some marvelous goo. This one got dipped into pantzarosalata (Greek-style roasted beet dip)--so decadent I expected to have the door kicked in by uniformed wowsers. Which reminds me of the best quote about artichokes, by a woman who was honoured by having her books banned.

"Surely, no right-thinking person would forego willingly the excitement of deflowering the artichoke."
— Edith Templeton, The Surprise of Cremona

'nora said...

Ah, the dark heart of the artichoke.

anna tambour said...

Ha, 'nora, you've put it perfectly again. This is a huge novel of delving into the vast and treacherous depths of cynaran psychological structure and hyperstrata, which just needs to be transcribed into words.

I'm so glad you commented here because it gives me a chance to recommend your wonderful reading of books and eating of cheese to which I tried yet again, to post a comment of praise and yes, agreement, but again failed to make the mysterious gatekeepers of this blogware happy.

So I'll just quote you a bit here: " I'm trying very hard not to land in the 'writers writing about writing' trap because ... who wants to read that? I don't. I get a sentence or a paragraph or three into an essay, realise that it's about the writer's writing, and bail. Or I get a sentence or three into writing a blog post, realise the same thing, and bail again."

If only everyone were like you!