28 February 2013

I hope I have a name as witty as 'lawyer's wig'

If you know what I am called, please advise. And how do I react to people eating me?

Note from the observer: There is nothing that can make a human feel as undeveloped as a walk in the forest. We want to name everything and if we don't know the names, feel stupid. But why does knowing the name make us any the wiser if that is all we know? Anyway, I'll say rashly here that I think this might be labelled: Cuphocybe spp.

Here's another picture, one that annoys me greatly because I botched the focus so badly and the cap is overexposed, but this view does eliminate some possibilities. The stem shows best here..


Anonymous said...

i believe it's called a blog flower


anna tambour said...

Really? You could be right. This one was on its lonesome and I think other than capturing my brief attention span for all of two minutes, will live and die without anyone taking the least notice of it.