20 August 2012

Keeping up with Aylett

There is no writer today who is so wise and funny and tragically right at the same time, in so few words, as Steve Aylett.

So here are new ways to partake.

... STEVE AYLETT BOOKS NOW ON KINDLE – Novahead, LINT, Smithereens, Atom, Slaughtermatic, Fain the Sorcerer, Rebel at the End of Time, Toxicology, The Inflatable Volunteer, Bigot Hall, The Crime Studio, Shamanspace.

LINT THE MOVIE (Bill Ectric edit) will be screened on Sep 22 in Glasgow.
The movie stars Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Robin Ince, DH Wilson, Bill Ectric, Andrew O’Neill, Jeff Vandermeer, Mr Solo and others
Introduced by Aylett himself, and for afters:
"Q & A", as otherwise as any Aylett interview. And comics as only Aylett does them.

Aylett will also appear at LITERARY DEATH MATCH in London on Oct 23.

To have and to hold
Your life is not complete without The Caterer. A favourite of mine.

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