30 January 2012

A Smoking Promotion for Phantasmagorium, 'Cardoons!' & The Year of the Dragon

I'm called 'Plain Packaging ' *

Coming in the next post: 'Cardoons!' will be presented free for international consumption, in celebration of:
The young life of a Fantastically Unusual Quarterly
The Year of the Dragon
Incredible Vegetables
Respectable Packaging
'Cardoons!' first appeared in Issue #1, October 2011 of Phantasmagorium, the new horror quarterly edited by Laird Barron. Now Issue 2 has been published. Huff huff hoooray to the editor and authors.

What you'll find in Phantasmagorium
A wonderfully idiosyncratic editor. That fear wrangler, Laird Barron, isn't just a writer with a deviantly masterful ability to insinuate whatever he chooses into psyches and autonomic nervous systems, but a connoisseur of fright. Thanks, Laird, for your vision, your unique taste and your skill in mixing. Laird Barron is also the soul of integrity.

Great storytellers. Get your Phantasmagorium to gorge on other stories that this one was lucky enough to be nestled with, by authors who are terrible! Yes, folks, I mean that. Every one of these other authors and their stories, poems and commentary that Laird Barron has gathered together is terrible—in the King James sense of the Word—I wish to say it in that affected way because I can't otherwise think of how to say terrific, awe-inspiring, powerful as angry deities.

Who are those authors so far?
in Issue 1: Scott Nicolay, Simon Stranzas, Joseph S. Pulver, Genevieve Valentine, and Stephen Graham Jones
in Issue 2: Paul Tremblay, Chesya Burke, Nadia Bulkin, Mike Allen, Steve Harris, and Scott Nicolay.

* Plain Packaging is named after me
I was celebrated as ' plain and respectable '
by F.E. Mills Young, in The Love Story of a Bachelor

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(later this day)
Cardoons! is here
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