06 March 2011

Gorgeous fabrics

Season's remains:
A phasmid's elytron-wing


budak said...

simple beauty is the hardest to grasp.

your package has arrived and I will take my time to savour its contents (another volume is being devoured and it'd be rude not to finish the job).

Other, less pleasant, tasks of late include rejoinders such as this: http://reviewsguru.blogspot.com/2011/03/sungei-buloh-wetland-reserve-singapore.html

anna tambour said...

Simple beauty is a nice term.

And ta for telling me the package arrived. Certainly don't rush. It would be more than rude not to finish your current meal. That could cause you indigestion. Much better to savour what you are eating now, and then take a constitutional between books anyway, as the post-reading contemplation of a book is, I think, as important as that period after eating that we're supposed to enforce upon ourselves pre-violent exertion. Any book, anyway, needs to be read only when the mood hits. It could be twenty years from now, or never. I'm certainly not setting any timers on you, nor spying on your reading habits.

As to your rejoinder to that wildlife reserve review, what you said should be posted at every wildlife reserve everywhere: "The park isn't a zoo where the animals trot out for visitors' benefit."

Perhaps people could understand this better if we compared wildlife reserves to restaurants everywhere: Our wildlife always trots out when you're not here.