22 September 2010

Adorable Ganesh, or whatsisname

If you, like me, have an unfulfilled wish to sit on Ganesh's lap, you might find these homemades as adorable as I do, especially the play-doh Ganesha. See Indira's "Homemade Ganapati Bappa" on her superb Mahanandi blog (a great blog to get lost in, with some of the best recipes, reminiscences, and saliva stimulators anywhere).

But are you as confused as I (or me)?

Ganesh (or Ganesha) has four arms. Maha-Ganapati has ten.
—But just count these.
One left, one right, adds up to two. So gain a few, lose a few. What's the harm? Besides, he's got more names than arms.
—He's blinded you with charms!
That's 'charm', not charms.
—Don't get me started on English, pleeeze!

See also, for the joy of it, Indira's "Vinayaka Chaviti Celebrations"


Adam Browne said...

Ah, I have a charming disneyfication of Ganesh on file, but dunno how to post pictures to blogs.

Anyway, I like him.

anna tambour said...

If you're not going to stir the wrath of the god of copyright, why don't you post it on your blog and I'll also put up a postscript here, linking to your post.

Adam Browne said...

I have no blog! no facebook! no nothing!

We need Lord Ganesh to clear this obstacle!

anna tambour said...

Nothing is everything. For withstanding the pressure, you deserve an exclamation mark dedicated to your noself. As for clearing this obstacle, you might drop me a private line, though I am no lady, capped or otherwise.