21 August 2010

Her Comes Up Plum Happy Germknoedel

A dampfl piece of yeast
to the Germknoedel dumplings make:
From something flour with sugar and yeast,
into lukewarm milk agitate,
take and coming up to the side place.
Yeast dough prepare: All added
with the dampfl mix and well knead.
To a ball form,
something flour over it strew
and with a cloth covered to go leave . . .
The thick plum paste jam Powidl, with rum blend
and with a spoon cams outdo,
with which hand photolithographies.

Powidl set a coffee spoon
into the center,
which edges pull up to a Knoedel form, again
on a bemehlten floured board
come up let.
One can
cook the Knoedel
also in the water.
Her comes up not as
beautifully as over steam refined.

I have today
have make the Germknoedel.
Sind fairly succeed
only it zerissen at the surface,
and badly powidl that found we
that ist.
Und too much
can one now divide how.

It has well taste
only in the hotel was it more airily,
perhaps was also from freezing
specialized that white one never.
The color with me
was also darker
from the paste.
But on the whole
I am nevertheless
contently for first time.


budak said...

Das Germknoedel, a geschmackte piece of word, ist.

anna tambour said...

and now you've made me hungry with geschmackte.