07 May 2009

Ophelia Keys, on being in the zone

If you don't already know about Ophelia Keys, this interview on Horse Equinest: Entertainingly Equine is a perfect introduction, though horses are only one of her interests. Some time ago I featured her Horses and Others on Paper in my Virtuous Medlar Circle, so it's a joy to see that her reputation is spreading around the globe.

Ophelia is an artist in the true sense(s) of the word. She is not only a graphic artist of images that touch whether you are into *horses or not, but a writer and editor of non-fiction and fiction. She continually challenges herself, and has never lost the joys of observation and contemplation.

"It’s important to shut out critical voices and to simply get out of the way of the muse (or of your own inspiration, however you prefer to see it). You know you’re in the zone when the picture starts to paint itself, like putting paper over a coin and rubbing with charcoal - the picture materialises!" - O.K.

Ophelia's graphics blog

Ophelia's fiction blog
"I don’t believe that writer’s block comes from a lack of inspiration. I believe it is a form of self-censorship, a deliberate blocking of the flow of inspiration that is always available to us." - O.K.

* I'm secretly hoping that one day Ophelia will wake up from the mass illusion that she suffers from along with zillions, and see horses for what they are—Cinderella's sisters. Those tiny ears perched like silly derby hats, and their feet! Even the most hard-driven donkey has a foot so dainty, the glass slipper would fit sloppy as a gumboot. But I forgive Ophelia, taking as my example, the lot of donkeys since those days so long ago, of bling and chariots.


Ophelia said...

There is something very special about those donkeys' ears. (What are they listening out for???)

anna tambour said...

Perhaps a pleasantry?

or something more?