27 September 2007

Say "yohmmm" and eviscerate your durian

There's nothing like a durian to make you feel the interconnectedness of the natural kingdoms.

A durian as a companion has more personality than most of your modern dogs, and any supermarket fruit and veg.

A durian's smell is not what you might expect. This one just got more and more exotic as the days went on.

When it was finally torn open (do it with your bare hands, gingerly!) the insides were a sight to behold.

Take a tip from the ones who know the best. An orangutan would never use a knife to cut it, let alone that abomination, the effete spoon, to scoop it out.

Durians and your bare hands and your mouth and your stomach, and your durian-scented burps of remembrance. Incomparable!

So open wide!

The best portal on the web for everything about durians (including durian-flavoured practically everythings) is Shunyam Nirav's delightful Durian Palace.

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