21 May 2007

Sydney's 'safe and secure APEC Forum' a model, but of what?

The Australian Government confirmed its commitment to host a safe and secure Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum in 2007. — Australian government site, Hosting a Safe and Secure APEC

Oddly enough, this invasion of aliens has not been given the Pacific Solution as the venue, though what else is Nauru good for? Nauru's too greedy? Then why can't we do what we've done before? House them in the outback. It doesn't have to be a prison. Hell, Australians could shout them a resort, if it's only for a week. But they want to be in an exciting city?

from 'Sydney an APEC battleground' by Simon Benson, The Daily Telegraph, 17 May 2007

HEAVILY-armed SAS troops could be ordered on to Sydney's streets to maintain control during the APEC summit later this year, a military law expert has warned.

This move, which includes orders for the troopers to shoot to kill, has further fanning the ire of Daily Telegraph readers, already up in arms over what they see as deprivation of civil liberties.

But Premier Morris Iemma maintained the added firepower was merely a sign of the times.

Is the Sign of the Times factory one of those government/industry partnerships — a subsidiary of Fear Industries, Inc?

There has been a growing boom in crowd control specialists and 'non-lethal' crowd control equipment to regimes who will look favourably on this sign of the times, like Mugabe who has used non-lethal equipment to lethal effect.

When crowd control is a riot

"CROWD CONTROL is controlling a crowd who are not a riot and not a demonstration. Examples are at football matches and when a sale of goods has attracted an excess of customers. It calls for gentler tactics than riot control." - Wikipedia

The MCCM uses 600 PVC balls (32 caliber) set in a two-layer matrix of inert binder chemically similar to children's "glow-dough". Sheet explosive of .042" thickness is used as the propellant . . .
- M5 Modular Crowd Control Munition description, from GlobalSecurity.org

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free - Advance Australia Fair

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