27 July 2012

Deptford Pudding - a highly recommended gallimaufry

Deptford Pudding is a place that illustrates perfectly that (literally) untold modern advice: don't say anything unless it's really worth telling.

So the postings are sparse, and each one is absolutely delicious –  the most recent one —  Where Time Stands Still? — is typically adventurous, foraying into history, people, food, curiosities and treasures recognised as such by those with real taste. In this one post, for instance, Barbara Cartland is mixed with clairvoyancy, horned cattle, flight, a dubiously productive Finch, fascinating photographs as usual; and for puds, a typically scrumptious and curiously named salivation-trigger that will work if you make it.

I've often wanted to recommend this site, but somehow haven't because I worried about it not being someplace you can visit every day. But that's silly. Start exploring and you'll find many treasures, including a brilliantly enthusiastic and learned exploration of medlars, and similar delights exposed for your delectation: bloaters, liquorice, rhubarb …

Read also, Deptford Pudding's explanation about the perpetrators of this blog, which I've trimmed down to these details: "I’m David Porter, a freelance photographer living in South East London. The co-author of this blog is Clarissa, a great cook and a stylist, and (she’d like me to add) a great artist!" 
That's a lie. There's much much more to them than they admit. For one thing, they are historians you can depend on. And another tiny detail that is particularly irksome. Millions of people could legitimately brag about themselves as "writers" if they wrote an nth as well as the fine essays in Deptford Pudding. I hope that one day, this becomes a book that I can also recommend. I would dearly love to indulge myself by reading it in the bath. In the meantime, I raise my spoon to David and Clarissa! Ahhhh!


Lucy said...

Thanks for the link to Deptford Pudding, what a delicious, funny and absorbing place!

anna tambour said...

Isn't it fun? I hope they keep this going. They'd love yours, too! Especially stories with your own gorgeous pictures such as your most current, Pumpkin flower follow-up. Your comments on the 'perfume' are the most fascinating to me.