28 July 2012

"… there is always the wild."

 An escapee from the world of dull gardens, this hydrangea's personality blossoms.


'nora said...

I do love hydrangeas. I owe you a letter; I promise it will be soon.

anna tambour said...

Nora, always a delight to hear from you, though horrors! You don't 'owe' a letter, nor should you burden yourself with a promise. Good letters are always late (and sometimes only sent mentally) because they take so much thought, viscera, and procrastination. But do, if you are moved to, tell about hydrangeas. In my observations, they seem to be about the most taken-for-granted vegetal beings in the garden world. So often, they are the sign that someone lives here who knows that a garden is a social necessity, but who wants as much bang for buck, and no work or care at all; and hydrangeas, being both bush that takes up gratifyingly large amounts of must-be-garden space, and clumps of flowers, give all with no asking for anything in return.

But then you've seen hydrangeas in a different way entirely, so please do reveal their hearts and why they have reached yours.

anna tambour said...

Thank you for looking, and for responding. It's very kind of you.