03 May 2019

America's Great Red Party: Trump's Radical Socialists

Democrats! Responsible media, or should I say, “Idiots!”

On a bed of mashed red party, Trump has stretched his generous bulk out for you, red tie, flaming pants and all. He even roasted himself and stuck the apple in his mouth. And what are you doing? 
Getting stories like this by Matt Viser in the Washington Post: 
For months, President Trump and his allies have tried to cast his Democratic challengers as radical socialists bent on yanking the country much further to the left than most Americans might find comfortable.--Joe Biden’s message to Donald Trump: I’m no socialist
And that’s it?
Back in February, “With reelection looming and his wall all but defeated, the president sees a convenient political target on the left”, David A Graham wrote in The Atlantic--Trump's New Red Scare

Now it’s Red Scare time full on across the country, typified by this AP headline. GOP hoping voters open to warnings of Democrats' socialism

“Socialism is about only one thing: It’s called power for the ruling class.”President Donald Trump, speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, March 2, 2019

Which president and which congress have worked hardest to achieve that, and succeeded to such a degree, they’ve not only achieved unprecedented redistribution, but have instituted root and branch change in government itself--changes meant to be so fundamental, they are not impacted by elections?

Trump and the Trumpian Republican Party are not just socialists, but radical socialists.

Today’s Democrats who declare themselves so socialist and profess to be so radical are mewling fakes compared to the Trumpian Reds. Universal health care? That's such a basic given in democracies such as Australia, it's thought of as 'socialist' as much as all the other featured taken for granteds basic in a civil society--socialist stuff such as sanitation, public parks, roads, civil and military protection. Democrats have never been true socialists, and it's counterproductive for the Dems who are running as socialists to claim they are, for the word is a scary one to Americans--one that no one who wants to win in America should call themselves, hoping to win. Republicans surely don't. They just use socialism to rule.

Although there have been Republican administrations such as Warren Harding’s that have made decent strides, they were incompetent.

And while it is true that, as old headlines state, “[The]Trump Empire Built on Inside Connections and $885 Million in Tax Breaks and that “In Trump and Kushner's world, other people pay taxes”--that amount of socialism is chump change to today's radical reds. Robert Reich describes it well in “Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else
"To a conservative mind, socialism is getting somethingfor nothing. Yet this is what the president promotes for the wealthy.”

Whatwith his work ethic, Trump can’t take all the credit for the Republicans’ masterpiece of radical socialist redistribution, their tax package. Yet he doesn’t need that to establish him as the greatest radical socialist president the world has ever known. 

It's sad, so sad, therefore, that this achievement isn't appreciated and lauded loudly, as it should be. Tom Nichols merely writes this headline, for instance, in the Atlantic:
Trump Goes Beyond Cronyism—To Something Far Worse--"By naming people such as Herman Cain and Stephen Moore to top jobs, Trump converts the machinery of government to his personal use.”
As Trump has said, “Socialism is about only one thing: It’s called power for the ruling class.”
What better for that class, therefore, if it’s a class of one?

Will Democrats praise him and the Republicans for being the revolutionary radical socialists they are? Will Democrats tell Americans how socialist America actually is, and who benefits from it and how much it costs? Will Democrats show how much they who pay taxes support the parasites on the people, and just who these people and corporations, uh, "people" that socialism provides for so generously, are?

“I want you to put socialism on trial,” said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow in a speech at CPAC, Feb. 27.

Everybody should. Republican Red socialism.