16 August 2011

Fortunes and Charles Tan

Ever since I first read "The Fortunes of Mrs. Wu" in The Dragon and the Stars, I've pestered its author not only for permission to include the story in the Virtuous Medlar Circle, but for the author to write more stories that star Mrs. Wu.

I'm delighted to have succeeded with my first pester, but have so far failed to move the author to fulfill my second wish, so I'm upping my pestilence protocol to include unbearable torture, but in the meantime, I invite you to enjoy:

"The Fortunes of Mrs. Wu" by Charles Tan

Moving authors and activists
I'm late in noticing the existence of the new World SF Travel Fund, set up to enable one international person involved in science fiction, fantasy or horror to travel to a major genre event. The people on the board of The Fund are Lauren Beukes, Aliette de Bodard, Ekaterina Sedia, Cheryl Morgan and Lavie Tidhar. This is an inspired project, as everyone will benefit.

The Fund has just chosen Charles as the first recipient—a brilliant choice.
Read about The Fund, and Charles Tan here, where you can also contribute.