25 July 2012

Goddess of the Sea and Monsters from Mesopotamia

What's not to like? Go enjoy!

See this issue of Saudi Aramco World, where Nature's Best-dressed  nudibranchs (rhymes with foodietanks – and meaning sea slugs) bring out the exclamation marks from Nathalie Yonow, in her knowing descriptions (see her book) matched by gorgeous photos by Gordon T. Smith; and where Robert Lebling tells not just about the"first ghoulish proto-vampires", but more, including about the mental disorder of thinking one is, say a wolf — in Monsters from Mesopotamia, a rivetting true story haunted by June Brigman's illustrations.

"People have long used fear to entertain."
– Robert Lebling

"Nudibranchs don't just decorate the coral reef, however; they eat nearly every marine creature except fishes."
– Nathalie Yonow

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