13 November 2011

"Picking Blueberries" now an infinity plus single

New ebook singles from infinity plus:
The Life Business — John Grant
The Bone Flute — Lisa Tuttle
The Death of Cassandra Quebec — Eric Brown
Playmate — Kit Reed
Picking Blueberries — Anna Tambour
("Picking Blueberries" is one of the stories in my collection, Monterra's Deliciosa & Other Tales &, reissued by infinity plus earlier this year in a new expanded edition.)


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'nora said...

thank you for this.

anna tambour said...

Lovely to meet you here, John Grant. This gives me the opportunity to say how visceral your truly scary and deep story, The Life Business is. The line, "Every day of the year, it seems like, Billy digs out a memory he thinks is his own" makes me think of the stance of a friend of mine who is a successful trial lawyer--memory, as far as this barrister is concerned, is an infinitely flexible and moving point of view, nothing worth depending on as truth.

I also enjoyed your infinity plus ebook, Take No Prisoners, especially "The Wooden Horse", which also explored perception. A quite different tone--again, not one to shy from the worst things we do to each other, but in other ways, a surprisingly optimistic, charming, lyrical story.

Your Dragons of Manhattan looks delightful. It's so hard to find genuinely intelligent satire, and so I'm looking forward to reading it, having just ordered a copy.

'Nora, nice to see your 'thanks'. I always feel awkward posting announcements, not knowing what to say. So it's a treat when someone drops in to say they read something in it. What singles did you read? What are your thoughts about them? As for your own interests, I certainly like your list: "art, science, literature, myth, history, cats, dogs, roses, knitting"--and who can resist your The Belfry with that wonderful bat. I admit to be as good a knitter as any flatworm is. No talent there at all. But my next story to be published, "Cardoons!" stars a knitter. As for roses, if you correspond to me privately, I'll send you a copy of "The Tin and the Damask Rose", a story of mine that appeared in Sky Whales and Other Wonders edited by Vera Nazarian (2009). You might like this story, being a friend of roses. If you do, you can consider yourself a rare reader--for whatever rarity is worth in your estimation.

But back to your own art and observations. Your post Best of all are words that shape leaves is typical of you. A gorgeous essay that should be in the next Best American Nature Writing annual (is it still being issued?) as you're both a deep observer and an artist with expression.

'nora said...


Many thanks for your kind words on my blog! I'd be honoured to correspond to you privately. I can be reached by email at noramunro(at)gmail(dot)com.