11 April 2013

A portrait of two beauties - quince and persimmon

and they know how to wear their perfumes

This year the orchard has been generous to all. A family of crows has enjoyed many persimmons, the wallabies have had parties under the trees, eating what they can reach and what the crows during the day, and the fruit bats at night, drop. This year the true complexity of the quince comes out best when the fruit is eaten out of hand, raw, cut with a fruit knife. Quince is quite ergonomic, too, which is one way to say that it feels as if its curvy heft with that slight down, is meant to be fondled. The persimmons are also sensuality plus. One counterpoint to their passionate hue is the slight stink of their beautiful veined leaves.


Anonymous said...

Nom nom nom :D


anna tambour said...

Although your brilliant, mucky story "The Wisdom of Ants" in Clarkesworld Magazine was easy to understand, I must be too out of things out here, because I thought your comment was demanding, "Name! Name! Name!" and didn't know how to answer. Now I know that you were speaking in the universal language of lips!