01 March 2013

More hairy mushrooms

As with yesterday's mystery fungus, also growing now in the (at last, wet) forest in Narrawallee, NSW (SE Australia), these could be described as having a fibrillose-scaly cap surface. Are all three Cuphocybe species?


Anonymous said...

hello again! I re-found you just at the right time!
Your fungus pictures are amazing

anna tambour said...

Ophelia! It's been too long. Your title for that beautiful collection of pictures gets to the nub of the problem, doesn't it? I think it's a particularly human one. We see, and need to know the name. Now I think that the top picture in my post here is a member of the Boletaceae family. but I still wouldn't hazard a guess about the cluster of three. Your comment gives me the opportunity to recommend people visit http://annatambour.net/OpheliaKeys.htm