19 January 2012

Thar she blows!

Just as history sinks every headline today
so we forget proverbs that grans used to say.
O cry foul at the captain who says that he tripped
and fell in the lifeboat that gave him a lift.
Froth and bother! but listen for ghosts who now quip:
There's many a slip twixt cap and ship.


Lucy said...

Very pithy!

kiy1955 said...

Ah,Soul! !!

(i)find my[SELF]

sail~i~n~g "how

do you DO" UNfurled) ))

do love to SEE truth REact~ ~~

please continue stroking the sand. those of US[shaping our spoons ito wingSSSss] interested courage and why the moon fLoWerRs~softLY


watered by YOUr LIFT(ing

here i'll take my let's get going [waVeSSSsssss]

anna tambour said...

Ah friends, if only this were a beautiful pea green boat, we could toast each other with grapefruits, eh Lucy?
And Joe, I'd expect nothing less from you than ballads, transporting enough that you're the bypass in the waves' rollick - the magic weight that steadies our inner ears.

I don't know about Lucy, but you're so powerful that when you said, "YOUr LIFT(ing" that was the trigger, being on the high seas as we are, that I hurled the cat.