09 May 2011

Like the days of free bar lunches, without the salt

Meet Iain Rowan at infinities and beyond, where he not only tells about the new free sampler from infinity plus, but also leads you to another freebie, Rowan's unhealthkick-for-weak-hearts "One Step Closer" from Nowhere to Go, his crime collection that is definitely not lounging.

an aside
I hope that Rowan gets the breaks he needs, as there is so much drab and predictable crime fiction around—and I include Ian Rankin in that lot, whose characters make me think of empty cardboard boxes in the rain. I don't usually hiss at books I've read, leaving that to the experts; but I bought one of his bestsellers at an airport for a Sydney—Europe tortureflight, and partway through the book I found myself reaching for the airline magazine to break the boredom.


JP said...

I really liked 'One Step Closer'.

anna tambour said...

I'm glad that you liked this superb story.

This is a good opportunity to recommend another great free read: your own story "Come Tomorrow" in the Virtuous Medlar Circle. It thrilled me that Ellen Datlow awarded your story an Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year, Volume Three.