19 November 2010

Symphony in blues


Adam Browne said...

wow - such a blue - so nonbiological - an enamel colour - bit like yves klein's colour - will his estate sue the species?

it's marine - a jelly? a mollusc? looks venomous.

Adam Browne said...

beautiful post, thank you

anna tambour said...

Thank you, Adam! I didn't know if this view of the bluebottle or blue bottle (Physalia) jellyfish (otherwise known as the Portuguese Man o' War) would be boring. This encourages me to post some pictures of the whole, but you'll see why I thought the blues mightn't be the biggest impression that people come away with. And Klein? If he really were an artist, he should be writhing in jealousy, bones rattling in his box, that this unintellectual community that we see as a bluebottle can produce in and as a collective, such a gorgeous work of art, with a far more sophisticated use of colour, shade, depth of hue, and shape. If artists sued copiers, Picasso would had to live as what he was, a commercial illustrator.