11 October 2009

If haiku came from Australia . . .

'seasons' would mean something entirely different from the staid four, each with its list of characters, colours, actions.

The fall of leaves, bark, and tree limbs happens in the season of the drought. This season has lasted years in some parts of our island.

- forest floor -
spring in southeast Australia, 2009


deborahb said...

I love your photography! *envious*


anna tambour said...

Thank you, Deb! Doesn't love come when least expected? As for the 'envious', I'm just confused, as are you not the award-winning author and sparkling personality, Deborah Biancotti, author of the just-launched "A Book of Endings" published by Twelfth Planet Press?

By 'envious', you must mean the foodfight in which a fat whack of something yummy splats you in the back of your head while you're busy tossing your handfuls of sushi, gingko nuts and flutes of bubbly at others' backs? You've got so many globs of envy stuck to you that you'll soon need a special cleaner or you'll begin to smell too rich.