12 October 2007

as the grains of sand

Tapping the sand out of this sea urchin's shell, these less weighty though not much larger

copepods fell out.


Unknown said...

Beautiful. When I see things like this, I'm reminded of why I always carry a hand lens (and why I thought of a lens to symbolise scientific rationalism) - the smaller living things are, the more wonderful they seem!

Well seen - and thanks for a lovely blog. Having discovered you, I'm really enjoying reading you. I only wish I had more time...

anna tambour said...

Aw, I'm chuffed. "I only wish I had more time" is exactly what a bookish butterfly said when she landed on War and Peace. Another butterfly on a nearby plantain said nothing quotable, but the way she closed her big-eyed wings said everything.

Really, though, many thanks. As you mention "the smaller living things are", you might also like "The big picture and little things" in my "Up from the Cellar" links section.

Small minds think alike!