22 September 2012

Happiness=Soviet ice cream

Soviet ice cream should have had a worldwide reputation for excellence.
It feels creamier in the mouth to even say 'ice cream' in Russian. 
Mороженое — "mah-ROHZH-nah-yeh"

"In the 1920s Anastas Mikoyan set up the first Soviet Russian ice cream factory. That industry never looked back. Ice cream parlours are as popular in Russian cities as they are in the Mediterranean, and the product sold is of a purity and creaminess that constantly astounds Western visitors."
Lesley Chamberlain, The Food and Cooking of Russia, 1982
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5 years ago, in Yahoo Answers:
"How do you say "ice cream" in Russian?"

"Best answer" "Just say 'Baskin Robbins; and you will be pointed to the nearest location."
The History of Ice-Cream in the USSR by CJ on EnglishRussia.com

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